I am taking Cymbalta for 3 months to fight depression and anxiety. Take 30mg per day. When I started taking it I was very sleepy. I had to take naps during the day was not too good. I finally had a breakthrough with her and no longer need naps. I had side effects good for a couple of weeks as no hunger pangs. Those who went away. I have not gained weight, or as I did, and Zoloft Serazone. I feel fantastic in my SPM and now it is so nice to be really nice for others. This is a wonder drug. Continue to take and feel better. Drowsiness will disappear and the sun shines anew. I laugh again as I used and I have no sexual side effects yeah.

I suffered from depression for over 18 years! Cymbalta is an antidepressant of the best I've tried to date! It has no side effects like dizziness or he desires that I have experienced with other drugs over the years. I started taking celexa vs cymbalta bit. The two I remember feeling tired and want to eat all the time. These drugs were just for depression. Cymbalta has an ingredient in over the pain.

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